True Blue Training



  • We provide a wide range of workshop topics and individual training packages.
  • We come to you or a location near you to save you time and give you better bang for buck.
  •  We can provide training in a workshop group, ranging from 2 hours to 2 days.
  •  We also customise training to suit you or your staff needs.


Brad’s style of delivery is informative and accessible:



Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our clients reported after a recent workshop:

What did you think of the overall content of the 4 sessions:
20% “Average”
40% “Above average”
40% “Excellent”

What was your impression of the facilitator:
20% Acceptable
40% Good
40% Excellent

I would recommend this to other business owners or managers to attend in future:
100% Yes

Please select words that, in your opinion, applies to the workshop:

100%   Helpful                    80%   Empowering
80%   Fun                            60%   Simple
60%   Practical                   60%   Informative
60%   Motivating               80%   Useful
80%   Energising

Quote:  “I wish I had attended seminars like this 20 years ago” – Rosalie Pech-Eva, Architect, Brookton


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