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Hi members of I’m a Small Business Owner in WA

Below are some documents and links to Profit & Loss resources, prompted by a discussion on the group the other night.


Excel spreadsheet template for Profit & Loss

Click here to download Profit and Loss excel sheet


(below is sample image)

Profit and Loss excel image

Sample image of Excel sheet


Cashbook Lite – a better alternative than Excel

In my opinion, this is not a bad little programme.  It is one I recommend to community groups, hence the manual that I put together recently

It is a far better than using an Excel sheet, because it will automate a lot of what you need :-)


Cashbook Lite Logo

You can download this Cashbook software at

When it is finished downloading then run it to install on your computer

The below PDF called Quick Notes is 28 pages long.  I don’t suggest that you print it, but you can use it as a handy guide when you get started.

Quick notes Cashbook Lite


Sample Report from Cashbook Lite

Cashbook Lite profit and loss

Sample ex Cashbook Lite



If you’d like some more info on this, check out the (very limited) Cashbook Lite website.

If you’d like some ideas of other Cashbook or invoicing software worth looking at – other than MYOB or Quickbooks for example – drop me an email


Hope this helps,

Cheers, Brad



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