First Brookton Session – Unlock the hidden profit in your business.

Last Wednesday evening, a small group of Brookton business people attended Workshop #1 – Unlock the hidden profit in your business.

With Michael Sharp from the Small Business Centre also attending, we discussed topics such as

Debtor management ,
Stock Management,
Margin Management and
Building stronger relationships with your Suppliers.

Although the numbers were a bit lower than we had hoped for, the interaction and contribution from all attendees was high in both quantity and quality.

There was a lot of information to cover in a short space of time and I’d like to thank everyone for their participation and congratulate them for making the effort to work on their business.

I also want to acknowledge the efforts of Lisa and Raelene at the Brookton CRC for their assistance and supper.

Coming up:

Next Session: Wednesday 16th November: 5.30pm

Make your business unforgettable – in a good way!

In this workshop we will be talking about issues in the area of Marketing, including tips and tools for developing a simple, realistic marketing plan for your business.

We will also touch lightly on websites, as there is a dedicated session for week 5 being delivered by web marketing consultant Peta Thorniley from Markitech.

For further queries regarding content, please give me a bell.

To register for any session, please contact the Small Business Centre at Corrign on 90632470.

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