Feedback from Brookton workshops

Now that the final report on the programme has been completed and submitted, I thought I’d publish a summary of key questions on the participant feedback sheets:

What did you think of the overall content of the 4 sessions:
20% “Average”
40% “Above average”
40% “Excellent”

How applicable overall was the information to you or your business skills:
20% Useful
60% Helped me
20% Helped me a great deal

This workshop covered areas that will enhance the way I do business in the future:
40% Moderately
60% Significantly

What was your impression of the facilitator:
20% Acceptable
40% Good
40% Excellent

I would recommend this to other business owners or managers to attend in future:
100% Yes

Comments on question: “The best thing about this workshop….”
Was gaining information and being able to discuss issues
Was feedback from the peer group, facilitated by the presenter
Was the open discussion forums- hearing other people’s ideas
Made me stop and think about how we do many things in business

Comments on question: “The most meaningful thing I learned was….”
It was all meaningful
The most relevant thing I learned about was branding and marketing
Session 1 – improving profit by 61%

Other comments or suggestions:
I wish I had attended seminars like this 20 years ago
Good to be reminded of the basics of business
( was good the SBC…) put it on when time constraints were not a problem

Please select words that, in your opinion, applies to the workshop:

40%   Inspiring                 100%   Helpful
80%   Fun                                60%   Simple
60%   Practical                    60%   Informative
60%   Motivating               80%   Useful
80%   Energising               40%    Challenging
40%   Powerful                  80%    Empowering

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